Zamia restrepoi

Family: Cycadae    蘇鐵

通用名稱: 沒有已知的

Chigua restrepoi, Chigua bernalii

枝條抗寒性區: 10a     英國和美國的地帶地圖

Zamia restrepoi 學問

A small cycad with a subterranean trunk, and leaves to about 2m long.

This species was first described as a wholy seperate, and new genus (Chigua) in 1990. Considered sister to both Zamia and Microcycas. New research, using DNA analysis, now places Chigua paraphyletic with Zamia (K. D. Hill et al. THE FAMILIES AND GENERA OF CYCADS: A MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS OF CYCADOPHYTA BASED ON NUCLEAR AND PLASTID DNA SEQUENCES, Int. J. Plant Sci. 164(6):933-948. 2003). In this study Chigua is clearly nested within Zamia, but Microcycas remains as sister group.


最初是從, Colombia

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