Dypsis subacaulis

Family: Arecaceae    棕櫚樹

通用名稱: 沒有已知的

枝條抗寒性區: 10a     英國和美國的地帶地圖

Dypsis subacaulis 學問

This is a very short-stemmed or almost acaulescent solitary palm with leaves not exceeding 40 cm long, with few narrow linear leaflets and spicate or furcate inflorescences. Inflorescence structure and leaves are somewhat reminiscent of D. procumbens.

Described in 2012 from Mt. Ivohibe. Moderately abundant in the valley bottom near the forest margin.


最初是從, Madagascar

地點: Madagascar (-24.430796°N, 47.120361°E)

地圖可能並不代表完整的自然分佈。 (衛星標記,顯示觀察數據)。

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