Dypsis culminis

Family: Arecaceae    棕櫚樹

通用名稱: 沒有已知的

枝條抗寒性區: 10a     英國和美國的地帶地圖

Dypsis culminis 學問

A new species from lowland humid forest, near crest, steep slope, 544 m elevation, Fianarantsoa Vondrozo, Madagascar. A clustering species, in tuft of 4 stems, 4 m tall, leaves entire bifid, 12 in the crown, leaf blade shiny green, inflorescence interfoliar, branched to 1 order, rachillae glabrous.

A new, more numerous population has been discovered on Mt. Ivohibe in the south of Madagascar growing on steep slopes and ridge-tops. In some places this is the dominent species.


最初是從, Madagascar

Aproximately 300 m in the south to 544 m elevation in the north.

地點: Madagascar (-24.460526°N, 47.117615°E)

地圖可能並不代表完整的自然分佈。 (衛星標記,顯示觀察數據)。

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