Chamaedorea linearis

Family: Arecaceae    棕櫚樹

通用名稱: St. Pauls Cane Palm

Chamaedorea latisecta

枝條抗寒性區: 8a     英國和美國的地帶地圖

Chamaedorea linearis 學問

Stems solitary, 2-10 m tall and 2-8 cm diameter, erect or occasionally creeping. Leaves 3-8, pinnate; leaflets 11-62 per side, lanceolate to almost sigmoid, 16-85 cm long and 2.5-12 cm wide. Inflorescences erect, the males multiple the female solitary at each node, both male and female with 5-53 flowering branches, the males with flowers clustered; fruits globose to ellipsoid, 0.8-2.5 cm diameter, red.



最初是從, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Throughout the Andes between 500 and 2800 m, but decending to 50 m in the Pacific lowlands of Columbia and Ecuador; rain forest on mountain slopes.

地點: Ecuador (-17.846157°N, -64.054932°E)

地圖可能並不代表完整的自然分佈。 (衛星標記,顯示觀察數據)。
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