Araucaria cunninghamii var. cunninghamii

Family: Araucariaceae   

通用名稱: Hoop Pine

Araucaria cunninghamii var. longifolia, Araucaria glauca,

Moreton Bay Pine, Colonial Pine, Richmond River Pine, Queensland Pine, Alloa, Ningwik, Pien

枝條抗寒性區: 9b     英國和美國的地帶地圖

Araucaria cunninghamii var. cunninghamii 學問

The species is found in the coastal rainforests of eastern Australia and in New Guinea. They occur on drier sites in rainforests, in places that are rocky or have soils with relatively low fertility. The leaves on young trees are awl-shaped, 1-2 cm long, about 2 mm thick at the base, and scale-like, incurved, 1-2 cm long and 4 mm broad on mature trees. The cones are ovoid, 8-10 cm long and 6-8 cm diameter, and take about 18 months to mature. They disintegrate at maturity to release the nut-like edible seeds. The trees can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 60 metres. The bark is rough and splits naturally but does not peel.




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